The conference programs of the New England Renaissance Conference provide an annual snapshot of the history of NERC. They demonstrate the shifting interests of local scholars from the 1940s until today, as well as the broader developments in Renaissance historiography. The programs underscore which institutions, and which scholars, in New England played a leading role in the field of Renaissance Studies. Interdisciplnarity is readily apparent in the academic contributions from historians, art historians, literary scholars, musicologists, and numerous other disciplines, as well as the frequency of concerts, plays, and other cultural performances.

Past officers of the NERC conserved most of the conference programs beginning in the late 1940s. Past President Kenneth Gouwens arranged these programs chronologically in individual sheet holders within a large binder ca. 2005. Students at UMass Lowell scanned the programs, playbills, and related documents in October 2012. This table  is based upon an anonymous typescript found with the conference programs; it was updated and expanded by Ashley Long in October 2012.

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Rev. 10/14/2012

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