Purpose:  The NERC Archive Project was conceived in September 2012 as a way to preserve important documents in the history of the organization, as well as to make those documents accessible to the NERC membership. It also serves as an opportunity for some students in the Phi Alpha Theta chapter at UMass Lowell to hone their skills at reading, writing, collaboration, web publishing, and historical analysis.

Activities:  During the 2012-13 academic year, the students scanned conference programs and official correspondence generated by NERC in previous decades. They also  interviewed current and past officers of the organization, as well as senior scholars, in order to enhance their understanding of how the organization has changed from 1939 to present.

Staff: UML students who worked on the NERC Archive Project include Molly Carnathan, Meghan Chapman, Ashley Jean, Ashley Long, and Derek Winslow. Faculty member Christopher Carlsmith provided advice and editorial assistance.

NERC Archive Project • Conference Programs, 1947-2012 • History of NERC • Correspondence • Oral History

Rev. 10/14/2012


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